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We got a We-Vibe :)

I have been a fan of adult toys for some time now. I first got into using toys on my 18th birthday when I visited an adult shop for the first time. Since then, I have spent countless amounts of money and time in adult shops. I have become quiet the sex toy connoisseur and I think I have found a particular niche in which I am most liked to buy my toys.

There are literally thousands of different sex toys on the market, hundreds of different types and hundreds of brands. Personally, I like toys that are more on the ‘normal’ side of things. I know the fetish gear is quiet popular and many people enjoy it, that’s fine, but it’s not for me. I am more of a vibrator kind of girl. There are heaps of different categories vibrators can fall into, depending on the price, brand and shape. You can call me stuck up if you like, but I prefer a vibrator that is of higher quality, compared to the cheaper ones. I think that if you are going to be putty something into your body, it needs to be high quality.

A couple of months ago I met a guy; he is really nice and satisfies me sexually. He hasn’t had much to do with sex toys in the past but I kind of ruined him, if you like. I got him into using all sorts of toys, for his solo pleasure, my pleasure and ours. I have always had a curiosity about the We-Vibe, a couple’s vibrator. But I have never purchased one because I didn’t really have any need for a couple’s vibrator. Last weekend we went down to our local adult store and had a look around at the We-Vibe vibrators. They were really expensive and there was an alternative called the Lelo Ida.

We asked the lady in the store which one she recommended, she said that the Ida was much cheaper but the We-Vibe was a better seller. She told us that her and her husband had tried both, along with various other couple’s vibrators and the We-Vibe was much better. We didn’t have a spare $250 on us so we went home a little disappointed.

Later that night, my partner was on the internet looking at some freaky shit. He came across this website called ‘One Stop Adult Shop’ and they have the We-Vibe 4 for $134.40 which was much cheaper than the adult shop we visited earlier that day. We Decided to go half’s in the vibrator and so we purchased it.

A couple of days later our welcomed package arrived in the mail. We could not wait to get it open and into the bedroom. Unfortunately, we both had to work that day and it arrived in the morning. I spend most of the day thinking about our thrilling adventures that await us for that evening.

I got home and my partner had started to cook dinner, it was almost ready. He made a really nice meal; I guess he was trying to be a little romantic because of what was coming later on. He has this theory that if you treat women like a queen out of bed, you can treat them mean in bed. I have to admit, I kind of agree. Anyway, this post is getting quiet long, so I will tell you how the We-Vibe performed in the next one J


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